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A fairly recent development involves requests for contributions to various websites and to publishers’ and others’ blogs. There have been a number of these and a few are listed here.

In 2010, the BBC ran a series of programmes entitled Wild Weather. To accompany these, they asked the Royal Meteorological Society to put them in touch with individual members in every English county, who would write something about the prevailing weather and severe weather episodes in that particular county. (The omission of Scotland and Wales was noted, but they were not prepared to extend the programmes to cover the whole of Britain.) I was asked to write about the weather of Sussex and, subsequently, Dorset, when a suitable person could not be found in time.

The two pieces may be found here: Sussex Weather and: Dorset Weather
(Regrettably, the BBC did not credit me with the Sussex item, despite being asked to do so by the Royal Meteorological Society when the omission was noticed.)


Oxford University Press carry items of topical relevance (anniversaries and the like) and also a far-reaching blog on words, their meanings, and usage – as might be expected from such an eminent publisher of dictionaries and reference works. Two items that I have contributed – one specifically written for World Meteorology Day in March 2012 – also discussed the usage of words and now form part of the ‘OxfordWords’ blog archive: ‘What’s the problem with meteorology?’ and ‘Name that Cloud’. A similar item (on ‘Space Weather’) is now online.

Another contribution on ‘Rain’, has appeared recently, linked to World Water Day (22 March 2013) and World Meteorology Day (23 March 2013).


My publishers, HarperCollins, have published blogs to coincide with publication of some of my works. Some of these are not on the main HarperCollins site, but instead are on the Collins Dictionary site under ‘Word Lovers blog’. For the publication of the 2016 Guide to the Night Sky, the blog may be found here. Two separate blogs were prepared for the special promotion of Astronomy Photographer of the Year (Collection 4) and of the Collins Planisphere and the 2016 Guide to the Night Sky. The promotion (and chance to win a copy of the Astronomy Photographer volume and a camera are here. My two contributions may be found from that link or, directly, Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


The Cloud Appreciation Society actively promotes the enjoyment of all forms of clouds (even the dark grey ones), and I was asked to write a short piece on photographing clouds. It may be found here: ‘Photographing the Sky’

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