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Minor corrections to Come Rain or Shine

There are a few errors that have been noted in the printed version, so here are corrections.


Page 25 (diagram)
For: ‘Braemar – 24 December 1895’
Read: ‘Braemar – 11 February 1895’


Page 35 (para.1, line 4)

For: ‘... temperature regions’
Read: ‘... temperate regions’


Page 78 (Welsh word)

The term ‘Cymylau boliog' ('fat clouds') does not refer to cirrostratus, but to cumulus

Page 192

There is some confusion in reference sources over the exact date of FitzRoy’s introduction
of storm cones, and also of the date of the first weather forecast printed in The Times.


Storm cones were introduced in 1860.


The first printed ‘forecast’ appeared in The Times for August 1, 1861.
It was not a forecast as we would understand it now.
A table showed reported data for a number of stations for Wednesday, July 31.
At the end of the table there was the following summary of expected weather:

General weather probable during next two days in the –

 North – moderate westerly wind; fine
 West – moderate south-westerly; fine
 South – Fresh westerly; fine           


Two acknowledgements were omitted by accident:
Thanks are due to:
Dave Gavine for Scots words and phrases
Walter Williams for Welsh word and phrases


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