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For many years I have given both formal courses in astronomy and meteorology (in association with a local college) – although this ceased some time ago – and also less formal talks to a wide range of societies and groups.

I have spoken on astronomical topics to astronomical societies in all parts of the United Kingdom (and even abroad) as well as various local non-astronomical groups. Although my principal field of interest here is the study of variable stars, I also speak on far more general topics. (Some are listed below.)

In recent years there has been an increasing demand for talks on various aspects of the weather, and here the range of organisations has been extremely wide, from local townswomens’ guilds and womens’ institutes, via special-interest societies – such as local sections of the Parkinson’s Society – to sailing and flying clubs.

Forthcoming events


A talk on Weather Photography: Past and Present
Inverness College, University of the Highlands and Islands,
1 Inverness Campus, IV2 5NA
Wednesday, 2016 May 11, 19:00
(see details here)


Recent (2015) talks


As the final event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Chichester Harbour Conservancy,
a special event was arranged for
Friends of Chichester Harbour
The Stables, Eames Farm, Thorney Island PO10 8DE
Saturday, 2015 February 21, 19:30
Stargazing Evening

 Two presentations were given: Astronomy (a general introduction to the subject)
and a more specific talk on Eclipses (with particular reference to the solar eclipse on 2015 Mar.20).


This was a highly successful evening, because the sky was completely clear, allowing
participants to see a large number of astronomical objects.
Jupiter and its satellites, and Comet Lovejoy were generally considered to be the most interesting.


Horsham Astronomical Group

2015 May 06, 20:00
Astronomy & Meteorology


Talks on astonomical topics have included those shown here.


                                  Looking Up                                       A light-hearted introduction to astronomy for beginners

                                  Astronomy & Meteorology              A look at the way in which the two sciences have developed in parallel

                                  Variable Stars                                    A general introduction to the field

                                  Peculiar and Interesting Stars                    A look at some of the strange objects among both binary and variable stars

                                  Novae and Supernovae                A short introduction to these two classes of variables

                                  Cataclysmic Variables                               Novae, Dwarf Novae, Symbiotic Stars and Supernovae

                                  Novae                                                A detailed look at these fascinating objects

                                  Supernovae                                       A discussion of these violent exploding stars and their significance

                                  Stellar Evolution                                  Including stellar remnants: white dwarfs, neutron stars, pulsars, magnetars~
                                                                                            and black holes

                                  The Role of the Amateur                    How amateurs have played (and still play) an important part in astronomy
                                  in Astronomy

                                  Eclipses                                             Solar and lunar eclipses



Talks have covered a very wide range. Some titles are given here.


                                  Watching the Weather                     An introduction to weather and forecasting

                                  Keep a Weather Eye Open                  Some aspects of weather for sailors

                                  Reading the Sky                                  Phenomena visible in the sky

                                  Atmospheric Optics                                    A discussion of the extraordinarily wide range of phenomena that may
                                                                                            be seen (split into three separate parts)

                                  Looking Down and Looking Up        Weather systems seen from the ground and from satellite

                                  No It Isn’t & No It Doesn’t                  A discussion of some weather myths and misunderstandings

                                  Surviving Extreme Weather                  Surviving hurricanes, tornadoes, and similar disasters

                                  Planetary Weather                                 Weather on Earth and other planets

                                  Eclipse Weather                                  The weather that accompanies solar eclipses


Adult-Education Classes

Courses (generally 10 weeks each) have included:


                                  Astronomy – An Introduction  An introductory course for beginners, general and

                                  From Here to Infinity                                  A more extensive course, covering the origins of the universe,
                                                                                            the formation of stars and other objects, and some of the
                                                                                            underlying physics

                                  Watching the Weather                     An introductory course, aimed at enabling students to recognize
                                                                                            cloud types and other phenomena, and gain a greater understanding
                                                                                            of weather forecasts and their interpretation.



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