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Several works have been completed recently, most have now been published.

The Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO) is now known as the Royal Observatory Greenwich (ROG), and is part of the Royal Museums Greenwich group. Working in conjunction with the ROG, Wil Tirion and I have developed two projects, published by HarperCollins Glasgow. These were a new planisphere and new yearbook, the first of which was the 2014 Guide to the Night Sky. A 2015 and 2016 editions have also been completed. These Guides incorporate a month-by-month guide to what is visible during the month, including visibility of the planets, meteor showers, eclipses and other events. The 2015 edition was extremely well received, with a large reprint proving to be required to supply sufficient copies before Christmas 2014. The 2016 edition has been published in 2015 September. (Details of one accidental omission from the listing of events, and correction of a minor error may be found here.

(Click on any image to go to publisher’s details)


There is a blog entry, with short pieces about various astronomical terms, associated with the 2016 Guide
which may be found at the publishers website, here.


I also completed a large Meteorology Manual for Haynes Publishing (yes, the car-manual company). This is a comprehensive work on meteorology, describing the processes at work, how forecasts are prepared, and introductory information on practical observation for amateurs.

This book was nominated for the Louis J. Battan Author’s Award K-12 of the American Meteorological Society, but nothing more has been heard about this so presumably it did not get the Award. There is no information whatsoever about the Award on the AMS website.


A major translation from German has been finished for Cambridge University Press, and the book was published in 2015 February.
This was Ronald Stoyan’s Atlas of Great Comets.
(Extracts from three reviews are shown on the CUP website, and another review may be found here.)


For Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, I have recently language-edited a science-fiction novel (A Man from Planet Earth) by Giancarlo Genta (an expert on space science and robotics) as part of Springer’s new ‘Science and Fiction’ series. Following the novel itself is a section describing the basic scientific concepts (and future developments) that are involved. This is in addition to the work (The Hunter), also by Genta, that I language-edited last year and which has now been published.



I also compiled my annual ‘Science and Discovery’ section for Whitaker’s Almanack, now called, simply, ‘Whitaker’s’.
(The 2016 edition will be published on 2015 November 19.)


I have also acted as consultant for the astronomical pages in the mammoth
Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World


A small weather miscellany (for Summersdale Publishers of Chichester) has been completed
and has been published on 2015 July 9.
There is an extract from one review on the Summersdale page, but a full page,
with extensive extracts from the book was published in the Daily Express
for Monday, 2015 September 21 (page 13), viewable here.
Some minor corrections to the printed version may be found here.

A book on the weather in the Very Short Introduction series for Oxford University Press is being prepared,

as is a revision for the third edition of my Dictionary of Weather (also for OUP).


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